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Hunook Ministries in Pakistan

The church has supported Hunook Ministries for many years.

Hunook Ministries is run by Falak and his family, who were attendees of the church. Based in Multan, Pakistan, the organisation has helped established 100 Christian house groups, which are overseen by 20 pastors

The church in Pakistan faces a number of problems, which Hunook Ministries seek to address:

Flood Relief

Hunook Ministries were able to organise 12 trucks of food, blankets, and cooked food that were distributed among flood victims in KOT ADU near Multan Punjab. Over twenty million people became homeless and thousands died, still much help is needed.


This education project is providing free education for poor children as their parents cannot afford tuition fees. Recently the Ministry repaired a Girls High School. Schools in Lahore and Khadali need repair as it has been over 12 years since they were constructed and because of the bad weather.

Hunook Bible College

This Bible College is unique in the area. It offers a three-year diploma course. HBC also teach their students' professional skills, for example, computer courses and photography, along with their Bible training.

At present, there are 33 students: 30 men and 3 women.

Currently, HBC has increased its capacity from 33 to 60 students